God Bless America! Be proud of our Great Country, and support the men and women who protect America! May God bless us all!

Support our Troops!Our Military need encouragement and support. Walk, send letters, or send a care package to thank a Military Hero. Support active, reserve, and our Veterans. 

Walking!According to the Mayo Clinic, a regular walking can:

•  Reduce high blood pressure
•  Reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
•  Manage your weight
•  Reduce stress and boost your spirits
•  Help you stay mentally sharp, strong, and active as you age.

With all that why not support our Military as well!!

Creating Friendships!The Walk 4 Troops website makes it easy to social network and creates lasting friendships with our Military Heroes.

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  • Support Walk 4 Troops!
    Support Walk 4 Troops!

    Would like to advertise and show your support for our Military? Contact us here!

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  • Order Yours Now!
    Order Yours Now!

    Start banking your miles for the Military individual you are sponsoring.

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  • Proudly Supporting!
    Proudly Supporting!

    Active, Reserve, and Veterans of all five branches of the United States Military.

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    CalSHRM’s “We All Serve!“ is an impactful program designed to initiate, connect and deploy people and information on how to effectively integrate our returning military veterans back into the workforce and civilian life.

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    Provides leadership and support for the growth and development of human resources professionals in Santa Barbara.

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  • Team Evolution Online
    Team Evolution Online

    Providing support for competitors in nutrition, training, posing, advice, and more! Transform your body and look like a pro on the stage. Join Team evolution today!

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Welcome to Walk 4 Troops®!

Through walking and interaction on our social networking page, Walk 4 Troops® brings together military families and those they serve. Connect with military family and friends, and even create new friendships with someone you have never met. The Walk 4 Troops® Family wants to help everyone show their love, support, and appreciation for our men and women in uniform.

Walk 4 Troops® allows you to select a military individual/s you would like to sponsor. By purchasing a pedometer, specifically designed for Walk 4 Troops®, you are able to keep track of the miles you are walking. Once you reach your walking goal, you can cash out your points on rewards at www.Activefortroops.com. Use your points to send a gift to the military individual you are supporting, or simply use them for yourself. Joining our team helps you keep in touch with the ones you love and show how much you support them and appreciate their dedication and sacrifice to our country.

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